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"Jacqui's Meditation classes are fab! I've gone from complete beginner to total convert and my meditation practice continues to improve thanks to Jacqui's guidance. 

I also took my 6yo son to one of Jacqui's Mindfulness Workshops for Kids and it has made a huge difference. He's a highly strung little fella and whilst I don't think that'll ever change, he now has the tools which enable him to deal with his emotions in a positive way and we've had far fewer meltdowns as a result - Thank you, Jacqui!

Laura Stevens



Would you like to learn a new skill?  With over 10,000 scientific articles on the internet, Mindfulness Meditation has so many benefits, I wouldn’t know where to start, but to mention a few; decreased stress, anxiety and depression, improved memory and cognitive function, improved sleep, improved self-esteem and so on.  I run Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Mindfulness Meditation Courses for Adults (1hr per week for 5 weeks) and also offer one to one tuition for Adults and Children.  On an ad hoc basis I run mini Mindfulness Meditation workshops for parents to come along with their children.  Please see the Events tab on my facebook page for upcoming events and courses.



Beginners Course £50

(run over 5 weeks, 1hr per week)

Intermediate Course £50                                       

Advanced Course £50                                            

One to One Tuition (1hr) £35                                

Children’s Mindfulness Workshops £30 per adult/child pair, £10 per extra child

Family Mindfulness Meditation (1hr) £40


Mindful in the Green Events (2hrs) £25

Mindful in the Green is run by me at FreedomTherapies and assisted by Charlotte Rooney from The Wheel Within.  These workshops focus specifically on using nature as a focal point for mindfulness meditation.

Excellent for beginners and for existing practitioners wanting to explore and expand their practice in an outdoor setting.  Mindfulness can help promote a sense of peace and will develop your ability to be present and aware in the moment.  Nature is a wonderful facilitator of mindfulness practice with a wealth of sensory abundance to draw on!

During a workshop we will:

  • use a variety of traditional meditation and mindfulness techniques - contemplation, sensory awareness, being present, guided meditations and more

  • provide you with inspiration and seed ideas to develop your own outdoor mindfulness practice

  • use more active techniques and exercises to bring what we have explored to life and think about how we can take it back into our everyday lives.

They are held at various green locations around Bristol.


Next Mindful in the Green events: Fri 30th Nov


Schools – fees dependent on requirements

Teaching full classroom

Teaching intervention groups

Staff Meetings

Parent Presentations




Reiki is a fully-clothed healing energy treatment, where the hands are placed on specific parts of the body.  It may help you get to grips with emotional issues as it works on the body's energy system and may help to clear blocked energy. Sessions can leave you in a state of quiet contemplation, helping you to evaluate your current life situation and find the answers you need from within.  A mixed Reiki & Reflexology session may be particularly powerful in helping mind, body & soul.



Individual 1hr/30 mins £33/£18

Crystal Chakra Balancing Reiki 1hr £33

Mixed Reiki/Reflexology 1hr £38




Take the weight off your feet and enjoy some therapeutic relaxation!  

Based on the principle that there are reflexes in your hands and feet which correspond to the rest of your body, a great Reflexology treatment can leave you refreshed, rejuvenated and walking on air. 

If you’re struggling with your emotional or physical health and feeling generally out of balance, Reflexology may be able to help you feel like your old self again.  


Research suggests that Reflexology may have a particularly beneficial effect on certain chronic, stress-related conditions. Why not try a Mindfulness Reflexology session where I work on your feet and with my guidance you focus and connect to how each part of your body feels.

I now also offer Parent & Child or Couples Reflexology sessions.  Each person will receive a treatment, but I also teach you some relaxation techniques that you can practise on each other at home.  



Individual 1hr/30 mins £38 / £20

Mindfulness Reflexology 1hr £40

Parent and Child 1 hr £40

Couples 1 hr £40




Foot tapping is a technique that can improve the effectiveness of reflexology treatments and I do incorporate this in all my treatments.  It was developed by Peter Tomlinson (Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner) and Reflexologist and Jean Allenby (Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist).  They both realised the potential for more effective treatments by working on the body’s energy system, tapping on certain energy points, thus improving the flow of energy and clear blockages.  Foot Tapping can also be used to help release emotional issues and blocks and I’ve found this to be very powerful for the clients that have experienced this therapy.  The treatment lasts for 1hr whilst we work together to tap and visualise the area of the body where we feel the emotion is manifesting.





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