"Jacqui's Meditation classes are fab! I've gone from complete beginner to total convert and my meditation practice continues to improve thanks to Jacqui's guidance. 

I also took my 6yo son to one of Jacqui's Mindfulness Workshops for Kids and it has made a huge difference. He's a highly strung little fella and whilst I don't think that'll ever change, he now has the tools which enable him to deal with his emotions in a positive way and we've had far fewer meltdowns as a result - Thank you, Jacqui!

Laura Stevens

  • Jacqui Bagatelas

It starts and ends with the breath

As we’re born we take our first breath and as we leave we take our last. In between this time our breath is automatic, it sustains life, we don’t have to think about it. Or do we?

How often do we think about our breath? Is it shallow or deep? Is it relaxed or tight? Is it fast or slow paced? Are you breathing from your diaphragm or as deep as your tummy? Do you notice a difference in your breath when you are stressed?

It’s a fact that when we are busy or stressed we breath at a shallower, faster pace from our diaphragms. We are often caught up in our ‘to do’ lists, moving from one task or need to the next. Often we have a lot of people to consider. How often do we stop and notice where we’re at? Do we stop to think about our emotional well-being and our levels of stress? Do we take time to care for ourselves, invest in our own health?

Our breath is one way that we can get back to living in the now, taking care of ourselves. To stop thinking about the past or the future, what we could have done, what we should have done, getting caught up in the stories of our life and simply just be! We can take the briefest of moments to focus on our breath. To stop, to slow down our breath, to deepen our breath, to let our bodies know all is well. The simplest mind body connection!

Why not make this a habit? Simply stop and take three slow deep breaths, all the way down to your tummy. Why not make these your mindfulness moments for the day, taking these deep breaths maybe when you put the kettle on or when you pop to the loo! Levels of stress are rising in our children, so why not set them a good example and make it a habit for them too. Invest in their emotional and physical well-being as well as your own, after all, it starts and ends with the breath!

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