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"Jacqui's Meditation classes are fab! I've gone from complete beginner to total convert and my meditation practice continues to improve thanks to Jacqui's guidance. 

I also took my 6yo son to one of Jacqui's Mindfulness Workshops for Kids and it has made a huge difference. He's a highly strung little fella and whilst I don't think that'll ever change, he now has the tools which enable him to deal with his emotions in a positive way and we've had far fewer meltdowns as a result - Thank you, Jacqui!

Laura Stevens


My name is Jacqui and I’m a qualified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and ReflexologistAt the heart of all my work at Freedom Therapies, is to enable you to have the tools to find your inner strength, to help heal yourself and find balance through Mindfulness Meditation techniques, Reiki and Reflexology, whilst not always being reliant on a practitioner to achieve this for you.  To enable you to have control and the ability to connect your body and mind in turn finding a beautiful balance in your own life. 


I’m absolutely passionate about giving Adults and Children alike, the tools to find balance in their lives, whilst living in today’s fast paced society.  I believe that when looking at our health, prevention is better than cure.  Many of us don’t make the time to stop and find ourselves caught in either physical or emotional distress.  Our bodies have the ability to thrive.  Mindfulness Meditation, Reiki and Reflexology can help us balance our bodies and minds and give us a better chance of staying free of the medical conditions that research suggests are on the rise, such as stress, anxiety and depression, not just in adults, but sadly in our children too!

Jacqui Bagatelas

Having qualified with the British School of Meditation as a Meditation Teacher my aim was to solely extend the work I’ve been doing in schools, but the benefits I found to a daily Mindfulness Meditation practice, literally improved so much of my physical and mental health.  I found that I was able to break a 20 year binge eating habit and hence feel free from the prison that was the kitchen food cupboard, my thyroid function has improved and as a result of both of these I’ve lost the weight that I was holding.  I recover from upsets much quicker and have a much greater appreciation for life as a whole and I can now say I feel happy inside, which for a long time was missing.  As a result I’ve also set up Mindfulness Meditation courses for adults as well as sessions for parents and children outside of the school system.  I also run outdoor Mindful in the Green events, a collaboration between myself and The Wheel Within.  The outdoor environment being such a fantastic facilitator for Mindfulness.


I cannot say how much I love the Mindfulness Meditation work I provide in schools.  To watch a whole class learn to meditate is a joy.  The pupils are generally happy to share their experiences and have an openness and willingness to learn.  In my general experience so far about 20 to 30% of a class will highlight that they think they suffer from anxiety rather than the general worry that others may feel.  I think it’s so important to give them a toolbox of strategies that they can use and alongside the Mindfulness Meditation practice, we discuss emotions, anxiety, the importance of sleep and the drawbacks of over-use of technologies and ways of managing these in daily life.


I first became interested in Reflexology many years ago when a friend offered me some treatments to help me through recurrent miscarriage.  I found the treatments helped me relax and feel more in control.  My friend also highlighted some other issues with my physical health that I’d forgotten to mention, so I was intrigued and amazed that she’d worked this out through my feet!  So when returning to work after having a career break, I decided to move out of my senior management role in a busy marketing company and trained to become a Reflexologist with the International Institute of Reflexology.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many Reflexology clients and it’s a privilege to be part of their healing journeys.


It was during this time whilst giving Reflexology treatments that I noticed I was intuitively picking up on emotional issues or stress that my clients were experiencing and as a result I was drawn to qualifying as a Reiki Practitioner – providing hands-on healing energy treatments.  I absolutely adore giving these treatments and clients find that they feel wonderfully relaxed afterwards.  Often emotions are brought to the surface and it gives a chance to re-evaluate life and look at how you may like to move forward.


Mindfulness Meditation, Reiki and Reflexology are not just relaxing treats, they work alongside conventional medicine.  It’s a holistic way of looking after ourselves and views the body as a whole and not just a sum of its parts.  There are many benefits to looking at our health in this way, from decreasing our stress hormones, to improved sleep, improved mood and resilience to mention a few.

I so look forward to hearing from you, with very best wishes, Jacqui x